PC-FramePC-Frame Stress-strain analysis

2-dimensional frames

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PC-Frame calculates stresses and strains of a construction subjected to external loads. Results are supports, displacements, moments, shear forces, bending forces of 2-dimensionale frames. This includes also structures like supported beams, portals, bows. The software uses the linear elastic method for the calculations.
PC-Frame is easy to use and therefore a popular tool for structural engineers.
You simply draw the geometry on the screen. After that you place the loads and forces.

Loads and forces

The structure can be subjected to :
- forces
- moments
- point loads
- uniform loads
- triangle shaped loads
- load cases and combinations e.g dead loads and live loads, wind and snow loads.

PC-Frame contains a database with material properties and standard european steel sections with areas, moments of resistance, moments of resistance, modulus of elasticity etc.
The database can be adjusted and you can add your own specific profiles.

Diagram and displacements

There is a graphic and a table output. Diagrams of axial forces, shear forces, moments and displacements give you clear information of the effect of the forces.

English, dutch or french

PC-Frame is available in english, dutch or french language. Projects made in different languages can be exchanged. The project files are the same in each language version of the software.

PC-Frame and education

PC-Frame is used in many technical schools. Students practice structural engineering and stress analysis making calculations with PC-Frame.
Are you a working at a technical school and you want to introduce PC-Frame in your school, contact us and let us inform you about the possibilities for educational institution.

Demonstration video (3 min):

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Online calculations

Section calculations

Ix, Wx, A

Area, moment of inertia, moment of resistance of simple sections
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Simply supported beam

Demo version

Free demo version
of PC-Frame